Property Companies

Property and asset companies are a special case of business valuation, as they are highly dependent on the nature and value of the assets held. Valuation requires special expertise, understanding both the assets and the structure, organization and operation of the business. We provide asset company valuation services for:

  • S Corp and other asset holding companies
  • Development companies and partnerships
  • Partnerships and limited liability companies; see Minority Interest Discounts: A Quantitative Approach for Real Estate Limited Partnerships.
  • Tiered ownership structures; see A Methodology for Valuing Tiered Entities.
  • Direct ownership/common tenancy interests; see Bridging the Gap: Marketability Discounts for Real Estate Interests.

Watch: Winning Valuation Saves Ranch A very satisfying success story about good lawyering and a winning valuation that is, indeed, saving the ranch for future generations.