Valuation Presentations by Dennis A. Webb, ASA, MAI, FRICS

PRIMUS-VALUATION-BADGE-LOGO-3251All valuation presentations are by Dennis A. Webb, with others where indicated. To obtain a free electronic copy of a listed presentation please contact us.

Using the Income Approach
American Business Appraisers Conference – May 3, 2019 • Phoenix, AZ

Undivided Interests in Real Estate: New thinking – Old thinking – Where do we go from here?
NorCal Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers – January 20, 2017 • Lafayette, CA,

You Can Protect Yourself and Your Clients from Wealth Transfer Nightmares
The North Carolina Bar Association’s 36th Annual Estate Planning & Fiduciary Law Program – August 1, 2015 • Kiawah Island, SC,

Your Master Key to Winning Fractional Interest Valuations
2015 AI Connect Annual Meeting – July 28, 2015 • Dallas, TX

Undivided Interest Update: Decoding the IRS Model Limiting Discounts for Tenants-in-Common
American Business Appraisers Conference – April 22, 2015 • Palm Desert, CA

Fun with Facts: Four Fine Valuation Puzzles
Estate Counselors Forum – January 15, 2015 • Los Angeles, CA

The Webb Discount Chart: A Simple Fast Method for Valuing Fractional Interests
XXV International FIG Congress – June 2014 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Decoding the Cross‐Professional Maze: Keys to Fractional Interest Valuation
Southeast Chapter of Business Appraisers Annual Conference – September 29, 2013 • Atlanta, GA

Fractional Interests and Other Crises Three Keys to Winning with Clients Courts and the IRS and Adding Value With Expert Testimony, with Professor Rebecca Lonergan, Esq.
Southern California Chapter of the Appraisal Institute 45th Annual Litigation Seminar – November 8, 2012 • Los Angeles, CA

Colorado Valuation Symposium 2011: Appraisals and Your Taxes, Fractional Interests in Real Estate
Colorado Coalition of Appraisers – May 4, 2011 • Denver, CO

What is it Really Worth? An open challenge to the appraisal profession
Colorado Chapter of the Appraisal Institute – September 18, 2010 • Breckenridge, CO

Short and Long Term (Sustainable) Property Valuation
XXIV International FIG Congress April 2010 • Sydney, Australia

Real Estate Damages Caused by Ownership Conditions; Further Applications of the DC Model
Colorado Chapter of the Appraisal Institute – September 18, 2009 • Breckenridge, CO

Advanced Techniques for Fractional Interest Valuation
A ½-day workshop Audience: Business appraisers

Case Studies in Limited Partnership and Common Tenancy Valuation
A 2 day seminar Audience: Business appraisers, real estate appraisers, CPAs

Advanced Modeling for Holding Company Valuation
ASA Advanced Business Valuation Conference – October 29-31, 2007 • San Diego, CA

Advanced Modeling for Holding Company Valuation
ASA Advanced Business Valuation Conference – October 29-31, 2007 • San Diego, CA

Asset Fractions: Integrating Real Property and Business Valuations (Getting a Handle on the Facts)
ASA International Conference – July 15-18, 2007 • Los Angeles, CA

Why How and Who of Direct – Fractional Interest Valuation
XXIII International FIG Congress – October 2006 • Munich, Germany

“Valuing Tiered Entities”
with Lari B. Masten, MSA, CPA/ABV, CVA NACVA, 13th Annual Consultant’s Conference – June 2006 • San Francisco, CA

Fractional Interest Discounts
Internal Revenue Service, Business Valuation Issues Summit – May 2006 • San Diego, CA

Partial Interest Valuation; Special Purpose Ownership
Appraisal Institute, Southern California Chapter – February 2006 • Burbank, CA

Partial Interest Discounts – Real Property Fractions and Controversies
With panelist Eric Nath, ASA – ASA, Los Angeles Chapter, IRS Symposium – February 2006 • Cerritos, CA

A Fresh Look and Real Estate Entity Valuation
With Robert L. Brown, Esq. NACVA, Colorado/Wyoming Chapter – September 30, 2005 • Denver, CO

New Business: Appraisals for Partial Interest Valuations
Appraisal Institute, Southern California Chapter – July 2005 • Costa Mesa, CA

Bridging the Gap: Marketability Discounts for Real Estate Interests
ASA–Appraisal Institute–ASFMRA, Valuation 2000 Conference – July 2000 • Las Vegas, NV

Valuing Limited Partnership Interests: It’s a Hot Appraisal Niche
Appraisal Institute National Conference – June 1997 • Washington, D.C.

Appraisal Institute Seminars

Case Studies in Limited Partnership and Common Tenancy Valuation
November 2008 Denver, CO
October 2008 Los Angeles, CA
June 2005 San Diego, CA
May 2005 • Honolulu, HI
March 2005 • Tampa, FL
October 2004 • Las Vegas, NV
October 2004 • Vancouver, BC
September 2003 • Chicago, IL
May 2003 • San Francisco, CA
March 2003 • Pleasanton, CA
January 2003 • Sacramento, CA
May 2002 • Los Angeles, CA
April 2002 • Minnesota, MN

The Emerging Mark-to-Market; Valuation for Financial Reporting
October 2003 • Cerritos, CA
November 2003 • San Diego, CA
February 2004 • Paso Robles, CA

Partial Interest Valuation – Undivided: Course 680
October 2001 • Seattle, WA
April 2000 • Pearl, MS