Expert consultation, analysis and training that requires both business valuation and real estate appraisal expertise.

·        The business of holding and operating real estate – partnerships, LLCs, other holding companies and fractional interests.

·        Real estate as a part of a business – special use property that depends on the going concern for its value.

A persuasive determination of value is important in high-stakes situations: for example, avoiding and resolving disputes and successful tax compliance.

Primus is rarely challenged by IRS – An incomparable record.


Consultancy services help you see the many ways of looking at value before you take action. You might be planning an exit from a partnership or dealing with agitated limited partners, developing an estate strategy for transferring assets, establishing value for the assets of a business, planning an acquisition, negotiating value between shareholders, planning litigation strategies, and many other situations where values are at issue.

Litigation Support

Mr. Webb has supported dispute resolution cases since 1994 in superior court, bankruptcy court and for arbitrations. Cases have addressed a wide range of property and business issues, including fractional interest damages, partnership dissolution, title and construction defects, valuation standards, legal malpractice, lost profits, view and privacy impairments, leases and others. In addition to litigation support as expert witness, he also acts as a consultant to counsel, advising on valuation-related evidence, premises, options and strategies.

Valuation Specialist

Persuasive valuation reports provide evidence for value you can rely on. The problem is that every provider of valuation reports can say the same thing. How can you know what is persuasive and what is not? On the one hand, it seems simple; read How Valuation Works. What is the story that needs to be told? The story is what wins. Of course, the story needs to be founded on a deep understanding of valuation process, and must connect directly with the company and/or assets being valued.


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